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Liza - Tammy (mom2bijou) just posted that her fabulous groomer of Benny and Emma is leaving NJ and going to Soho I think she works at a Petco or Petsmart but has been fabulous so try to PM her. So nice to get a personal recommendation. I use a groomer who happens to live in my apt building. She works at a groomer's during the day and freelances at night = but only people in our building since she probably shouldn't be running a biz out of her apt...tho so many work from home. But this is a different sort of thing. When she only does maintenance - nails, pads, private areas, trims all around, etc I pay her $40. When I checked at a dog salon they wanted $60 for that and then for the whole nine yards of a cut and shampoo they've wanted around $80-90. I usually pay her between $60-$80 but I also don't have to tip her. She always argues that I'm giving her too much but she lets me stay there and she's so loving and kissing Tyler the whole time that he doesn't mind getting anything done by her. Last time she spent 1-1/2 hours cutting his hair down to his summer do so I gave her $80 (and I bathe him). She puts him on a grooming table and puts the lead around his neck. He never squirms and will stand the whole time. When I groom at home he's good but not that good. She says that the dogs can sense if people are nervous about grooming them so the professionals who have no worries about it are very calming. Seems to be true or she's just a very loving person. I adore her and hope she'll open her own business at some point and I can recommend her. Being at the grooming for me was very important so that I get the look I want.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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