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grooming day

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i groomed ellie can totally tell the difference with her. i basically used the wahl designer clippers, and then i didnt use any attachments and shaved with the grain of the hair.





I hope you guys like it! im sure they look waay better than massimo. LOL j/k
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thanks you guys!
its actually way easy cuz i use that wahl designer clippers---and theres this little lever...and i shave with the hair. i went to work today--and cynthia and the girls came during my lunch break and i showed all the groomers. lol. i wanted to "brag" but they were like "awww, they look cute". they didnt even compliment me on the haircut!! LOL
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have you ever felt those blankets from Sanrio? i think thats what they feel like. lol. i love it.

sprite is 6.5lbs and ellie has gained weight (cuz of her mother
) and she weights 10 lbs, but should weight between 8.5 and 9 lbs. so ellie is pretty big.
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thanks! and carries right...they look totally different in person. lol

iloved&m...i love that pic of daezie, maya, and luna in the grass!!! i just got a pic of the dogs done for checks!! lol.

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