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Growing Up Fast!

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Hi Everyone ..... Haven't been here in quite awhile and I am amazed at all I have missed. However, I just wanted to show off my little man and how quickly he has matured :wub:

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How cute Bailey is! They grow up way to fast.
Vicki - Welcome back!! Bailey is really a beauty - um - I mean a handsome young man.:wub::wub: What a face and I love him sporting that blue bow. Is he as sweet as he looks?
awwh what a handsome boy...yup they grow so fast. thanks for sharing ^_^

OOOh, he's so handsome and you really tackled the slight tearing he had. What a gorgeous fluff!
your baby is so handsome!!:wub::wub:
love his blue bow!!
He still looks handsome in his blue's a manly bow he says...
He's still a stud muffin!
Wow, he sure has grown up! He no longer looks like a puppy...and he's so cute!
What a beautiful coat he has!
He looks very dapper in his bow.
His coat looks so shiney! Great job!
Oh Bailey is a very handsome boy :wub:thank you for sharing him with us.
Oh what a beauty! (oops, handsome-guy) he is!!! I love the expression in the photo...sort of like he KNOWS how cute he is LOL
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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