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H/B dear Janet {Scoobydoo}

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Have a happy and a healthy, sweet Janet. Enjoy your special day. I hope you and the boys are well.
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Happy Birthday, dear Janet! ps - I miss seeing you around here.
Happy Birthday my friend!!! Hope you have been thoroughly spoiled and pampered today. I really miss seeing you post around here. You were one of the first to really befriend me on this forum way back when I first joined. Thank you.:wub:

Happy Birthday Janet!
Thank you all so much.

Omg, Thank you everyone so very much, I am so sorry I have been missing, you are all so sweet.
I was in Australia visiting my kids and grandkids and it was all go go go, it's taken me a long time to recoup from the flights and busy times, I ain't gettin any younger :HistericalSmiley:
Have had a couple of health issues to deal with as well and seem to be getting on top of them rather well, will have further tests done soon to make sure nothing has materialized from a mammogram and ultrasound, there is something in both sides that they are keeping an eye on, but not overly worried at this stage as they say they are cysts, my mother had them too and they didn't develop into anything nasty so I have my fingers crossed I have the same as she did.
Scooby and Koko are both doing well, we ended up boarding them at our vet's and they were apparently missing us terribly whilst in Australia, Scooby lost 2lbs and we couldn't fill him up once we came home and Koko was somewhat unforgiving at first but has become his usual cute but naughty little self again, so all is well here at this stage. If anything good had to come from it, they are a lot closer now and they play together a lot more than they ever did before, that's a plus. Scooby seems to have been rejuvenated immensely, he is the instigator of all the fun and is so active, it's like he is a new little boy full of fun and energy:chili:
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Happy Birthday and Welcome Home!
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