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H/B dear jen_hedz

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Have a happy and a healthy, Jen. Enjoy your special day.
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Dear Jen!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Alexandra :wub:
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:cheer:HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN. :cheer: Haven't seen you in a while. Hope all is well. :)
Thank you guys :grouphug: I haven't posted for quite a while but I do still come around once in a while to look at all the adorable pics. I just couldn't get used to the new format, which to all of you isn't so new anymore, but I'm still not sure how to post pics or even if I am replying to this post right :unsure:
All is well with the girls. Ellie got a very unfortunate haircut by my mom a while back which I was really upset about but it's finally starting to grow back. Lexi got her first haircut today, I didn't want the groomer to go too short so she just scissor cut about half of her length. Her hair was down to the floor and matting like crazy so it was time. The cut isn't exactly what I expected though, she almost looks like she has a blanket draped over her. The groomer didn't blend it very well. Of course she still looks adorable to me :wub: I wish I could post pics but I have no idea how to do that now!
Thanks again for the birthday wishes and I really hope I'm posting this right :blink:
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