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Hair in Eyes

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Ramsey is always getting little hairs in his eyes. Should I flight with him to get them out or let me come out on their own?

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It seems to take forever for those little hairs to grow. I did several things to keep them down. I tried jells but then washing it out was a challenge so I found just licking my fingers and smoothing them down all the time seems to be just as good. I did try to keep them out of her eye because it just seemed like it could not be good for the eyes.
Use a good eye wash a couple times of day until the hair grows longer. Fresh Eyes Collyrium eye wash is a good one. Just a drop or two in each eye. It helps soothe and flush debris/hair out of the eyes.
Perri doesn't have hairs poking in his eyes, but he does get loose hairs in his eyeballs a lot. I hate the thought of how uncomfortable that is (just think of how a tiny eyelash in your eye affects you) and I constantly check his eyes for hairs. It's always the first thing I do when I get home. Luckily he holds still for me and I just wash my hands and use my wet fingers to get the hair to come to the corner where I can just slide it out. If it's stuck right in the middle I use the eyewash that Brit mentioned. Sometimes that gets it sometimes not, but I always try.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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