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Originally posted by mmforever@May 10 2005, 04:45 PM
What do you all use to pin your baby girls fur?  I tired rubberbands, but they slip off or Molly doesn't stay still long enough to put them on.  So I tried the mini claw clips and they slip off too.  Also, where do you purchase yours?  Thanks.
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I use the plastic bands from Target. I'm sure Wal-Mart would also have them. The brand is Goody's. I get the medium sized ones and keep wrapping until it is very tight. I posted a photo of Catcher where I did two pony tails and banded them together since the front was still short. That might work for you. Catcher was very wiggly at first but I tried to make the experience pleasant. I put him up on a counter and put a rolled up towel on it. I would scratch his head where the bands were to make him feel good. Now he lets me do the pony tail with no problem and puts his head on the towel to make it easier and I didn't even teach him to do that!

Here is a photo I've posted before:

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