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Hair today, gone tomorrow

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Sodie Pop got his summer haircut today. Its still a work in progress...


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He's so gorgeous!!! Handsome :) and looks so happy:wub:
He looks PERFECT the way he is...what a cute little it!
Is he barking FREEEEEEEEDOMMMMM? I love the little haircut.
That haircut on that handsome boy looks great!!:wub:
I loooove that haircut on Soda!! And the pigtails look very adorable!!!
I was like "Nooooo, she couldn't have cut his hair" when I read the thread heading. But was happy to see how good it turned out. What a great cut.
It looks terrific. :chili: It still looks long in a way, though I know you cut a lot. He's so gorgeous and talented.:wub::wub:
He looks so handsome and happy. I bet it feels good to the fluffs to get their hair cut.
Totally adorable! He is such a handsome boy! :wub:
Jackie I think Sodie looks gorgeous either way. He looks very pleased. Great job!
Oh no!!!! Where did Sodie's hair go?!!! LOL, he still looks fantastic! :wub::wub::wub:
Oh, Soda, you look so comfy -- and still gorgeous, of course!!!
He is one good looking boy!!! Love his haircut and the way you have his hair pulled back.......I'll bet he feels better too! Well, the both of you, because you won't have as much work!!!:chili:
awwh what a handsome boy ^_^ love the cut.

1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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