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Haircut ideas

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Coco is 5 months old and going in for her second grooming appointment soon. Would love to see pictures of your pups for haircut ideas. Here is a recent pic of her. Love the fluffy hair look but managing it can be a pain. Thank you 馃槉

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Sweetness who went to the Rainbow Bridge two years ago had a nice coat and looked great in a cur that kept the legs, ears and tail long and body short. You can sort of tell from the photo. It did require daily combing to avoid mats. View attachment 276603
Hi the "lamb cut" is great for summer and puppy's who have accidents. The head and ears are left uncut, the tail is left uncut and the legs are left uncut. Thats what I have on my Brianna right now. I will try to take a picture to post. I have had floor length on Peyton all her life but am considering going with the lamb for her.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts