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Happy Anniversary - to US!

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On this day, 9 years ago, I brought Bonnie home. My sugar lips and I have been through a lot, and I wouldn't change one second of it. I just love her to bits and pieces!:wub:

We're having steak for dinner with candlelight. I knew you'd all understand!
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Happy Anniversary!!!!!! :chili::aktion033: I've missed you two around here!!! :wub:
:wub: Congratulations on your 9 years together....HOPE you have 9 more wonderful years! :wub:
Happy Anniversary and I totally understand the celebration :)
:cheer:WOHOOO!!!! Happy 9th anniversary :cheer: oh Linda, you know exactly how to celebrate ;):grouphug:

:party:Happy anniversary, Linda and Bonnie . :drinkup: Just watch that Bonnie doesn't get into the champagne. So glad to see you here again lately. We missed you and Bon.:smootch:
Happy Anniversary to you and sweet Bonnie!!! :heart::heart:
Linda I love that you and Bonnie Marie are celebrating tonight, Happy Anniversary:hugging: I know how much you love your girl:wub: I have missed you and Bonnie, you have aways been there for me, I have a very special place in my heart for you my friend:wub::hugging:
Happy Anniversary to my 2 favorite girls!! I love you both and miss you terribly.
Oh, Linda .. Congratulations!! Yes indeed we understand! Best wishes to you and Bonnie!!! Enjoy your dinner!
checking in - in hope of seeing a picture :D


Happy Anniversary.....Belated
To you and Bonnie Marie~~~

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