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I'll try a pic. There she is!! I had to delete A LOT of old pictures, lol! This is from last week, with my 'new' walls!
Awwwwwh - there you are Bonnie girl:wub2: I've missed you so very very very much sweetie pie. :wub:

Thank u so much for sharing. I also exceeded my limits to share pictures, so I use photobucket, but It sure take a little extra time comparing to uploading directly from your computer.

Oh now I am happy here - nothing is better than getting a sweetie Bonnie update :chili::wub::wub: I see that she is the queen of your sofa, Linda B) I am guessing that it is her fave spot to chill :wub: wishing u many many happy and healthy years to come together :wub::wub:

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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