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Happy bday Ponyo!

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Today Ponyo turned 4 months old! :chili:
I am planning on tkaing some pics of her for a "how small is Ponyo?" thread in the pics fourm! Should be fun. I have been getting A LOT of questions and concerns about her size, so I figure her 4 month milestone will be a good start to post about it!
Happy bday my little Ponyo! For her special treat today, she got a raw scallop we collected at the beach while taking the boys to school this morning! :thumbsup: Always thinking of my little "marshmallow of love!"
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Happy birthday Ponyo! Can't wait to see pics. :)
Did you mean 4mths or 5mths old? I just remember you comparing her to Suri at this age and am curious. ;)
Happy Birthday Ponyo! You cute little fluff ball! Hope it's a great one!
Her bday is Jan 17, 2010! So she is 4 months today!(well today in Japan, anyway!) woohoo!
Happy 4 months old, cutie pie :) I look forward to seeing the pictures

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