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Happy Birthday Scrappy

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<span style="font-family:Optima">Have a wonderful day Scrappy</span>
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Happy Birthday Scrappy! Hope you have a great day!
Happy 2nd Birthday Scrappy! Celebrate!
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Scrappy - I was going to wait until tomorrow on your actual birthday to say to have a wonderful day....and then it dawned on have already started your 23rd because you are ahead of us in the states.

So...I hope your birthday is going absolutely perfect in every way. Give Mom and Dad lots of kisses....cause they really celebrate the day as theirs too. Hope your year is full of love, kisses, treats, kisses, squeeky toys, kisses, car rides, kisses....

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Originally posted by debinmo64@Sep 22 2005, 11:59 PM
Happy 2nd Birthday Scrappy
From me & Cody
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Happy 2nd Birthday Scrappy from me and *Tinkerbell*
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happy b day Scrappy
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Happy Birthday Scraps!!! I'm looking for something to attach for your Birthday...I'll come up with something before the day is through.

Until then, a big Birthday Kiss from me to you
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