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Happy Easter to those who celebrate from Kitzel

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I caught this one of Kitzel waiting patiently for his dinner as the guests lingered over theirs!
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Happy Easter! Kitzi is so cute :love:
He is such a sweetheart! We are all so blessed to have these little creatures to love on!
He sure is cute. And I did a double-take on your table centerpiece. :)
Thank You!! We kind of overdo Easter as it is our favorite holiday. I did not unpack my Easter deco this year as neither of my "girls" are home this year, but we still had lots of friends in so I had to use what I had on hand to decorate. It was enough & I don't have to "un-decorate" much. I would rather work outside! :)
Thank you ALL! Kitzi & Lisi love having people in & any special treats as well! :) Kitzi is doing much better than he was for a while since his crisis on March 9th! He still is sometimes a bit restless at night but not like before so I have no idea still what the issue is/was. His US looked about the same as last year w/some minor changes in the kidney. He did not have any stones but maybe he had passed something already---they could not tell. It was about 3 wks. before we could get in for the US.
I hope you all had a pleasant Easter & that spring is being kind to you! Our weather is up & down drastically & we have actually had beneficial rain which has helped w/our drought.
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