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I want to share information about a special animal shelter. Happy Hills is a no-kill shelter in North Carolina. Bless their hearts.... they have very limited funds yet they pledge never to kill an animal in their care. They do a great service in taking in pets that can no longer be cared for due to owners' illness or rescues from the "kill" animal shelters. They have had a lot of bad luck consisting of a devastating fire last year and smaller one not too long after that!

It's not a fancy place but the animals are meticulously cared for. They pay for all medical treatments needed including heart worm treatment. Once a month they transport several dogs to a PETsMART in a town not too far away for an adoption fair....

So, you may want to take a look at their web site and think of them when it is time for your 2005 charitable giving. Donations to them are tax deductible.

They had a Maltese last year and I was approved for adoption but she had heart worms and I was just not up for the emotional toll of my going through that with her and she would have to have been kept quiet for a good length of time and with Kallie here there would be no easy way to do that. I discussed the situation with my vet and he recommended that I not proceed with the adoption. I did solicit donations at my office for her heartworm treatment and got over $150 ... $10 here, $20 there adds up!

However, it really worked out for the best because she was adopted by a lady who lived just down the street from the vet the shelter uses for heart worm treatment. I never met "Buttons" but was on my way to leave for my trip there to finalize everything when they called to tell me she tested positive for heart worms. I was heartbroken. Normally they test before putting them up for adoption but the volunteer who does the testing was out of town so it was postponed for a couple days longer than usual.

Well, anyway take a look at their web site, the dogs and cats who need homes, take a "Tour", see the devastation in "Fire Update", check out the "Sponsor a Pet" link... but be prepared to get a little teary-eyed.

Happy Hills is worthy of any financial help you can give them. And... they adopt dogs out to people all over the country, even across the country to the state of Washington, so maybe a friend for your Malt awaits.....

Happy Hills Animal Foundation Web Site
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