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This is an adorable harness dress that Kylee has outgrown.

Front (closed):

Back (closed):

Front (open):

It closed by velcro so there is a little room for growth. It still fits Kylee around her chest and neck but she is just so darn long it looks like a belly shirt on her! It is a size XS and should fit dogs up to 4 lbs and with a 10-11" girth. I am asking $13.00 with shipping included. It's perfect for puppy's first harness dress!

p.s. sorry the pictures are so bad..i had to use my camera phone because i dont have a digital camera :-(. If you cant tell, the top is a dark jean material and the bottom is a pink gingham. There is a pink gingham heart right under the D-ring.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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