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Harness for car seats

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I need some expertise.
Can anyone recommend a crash tested harness for a car seat?

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Pet Car Harness for Small Dogs

This one seems to be a good one. I know Nikki's Mom uses one like this one. :)
I have the ones they sell on GW Little. I like them very much.
Thank you I was looking at those I just didn't know if they were crash tested
I have found it hard to find ones that are crash tested just by reading websites that sell the items. But, I have found that if you google the name or the manufacturer with the words 'crash tested' you can come up with either (a) information or (b) nothing - nothing usually means no :)
For my bigger malts, I use their normal harmness vests. They sit in a large "outlook" car seat and I harness them in by putting their stepin harnesses on and using a coupler which I tether to the head rest. If you need a picture, let me kmow. It works good.

For Ava, my tiny girl....I put her in a small hard crate in the back seat straped in by the seat belt.

You can never be too safe.
If you have a picture that would be very helpful.
I have Sasha in an outward hound car seat with her regular harness, but I am not sure how safe it is.
I wanted to buy a snoozer lookout but I have a small two seater and it didn't fit. I really would like a sturdier car seat for her, but I am not sure what will fit.

Thanks for your help.
Depending on the size of your seats you might contact some vendors and see if the console lookout can be adapted to work with your seats as it is smaller than the others. Also, there is something called a POD I believe that is relatively small (GWlittle carries it I believe) that might work for you.
A regular harness like Pat is describing using will not hold up in an accident. The attachments will break.
I had also tried the lookout console, but since the straps are supposed to go under the console I was unable to use it either on the console or on the seat.
I am going to look at the Pod at GW Little. Thanks
I don't know whether the harnesses at GW Little are crash-tested or not. I think that there is one out there that is advertised as crash-tested, but I like the way the ones at GW Little fit. Nikki is comfortable in them, and they feel very secure.

Her car seat is in the back with the seat belt secured around it. The harness is attached on one end to the seat belt with an adapter. I think that she is definitely more secure in the back seat, and I don't worry too much about it.
Once again SM comes through. I am always learning here. Oh and finding something else I need to purchase. :)
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