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The vet did an ultrasound of Harry and said that his liver is
very, very small and that he is amazed at how well Harry
seems to be compensating for this problem. He told me
to give Harry 2 of the meds that Cornell sent and hold off
on the dexamethasone for now. He also ran bloodwork and
told me to call him tomorrow for the results. He needs to
see Harry again in a week, because the fluid loss from the
diuretics may damage his kidneys, so they
have to check those values after a week on the meds.

Harry has also developed a hernia :smpullhair:
The doctor said that it may not be a problem after the
fluid is gone, so we'll hope and pray for that to be the case,
because he said that the surgery to repair this hernia
would be long and difficult.

The vet was great and he was great with Harry, too...
so that is a big relief. Harry is such a good boy at the vet...
he really is a little angel.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your
prayers. I'll keep you updated.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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