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Harry's test results were in the normal range!

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I'm sorry to start another thread, but I don't know how to update
the other thread.

Harry's blood test results for kidney function
and electrolytes were all in the normal range!!! :aktion033::aktion033:
The vet said he doesn't need to see Harry again for 2 to 3
months. :chili::chili:

I'm sorry to be posting so much about Harry, but I know that
you all understand how I feel... which is ecstatic!!!

Thanks for letting me share my good news!

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Oh, Hooray! I'm so happy for you!!
:good post - perfect:good post - perfect:happy dance: You rock, Henry (and Debbie). Boy this is the greatest weekend for you. First your daughter graduates, then Harry's bloods are good. Buy a lottery ticket right now.:chili: So happy for you!!
FAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all care about little Harry and I know I'm not the only one who welcomes your updates!
I am just thrilled for you!!! Great news!!!:chili::chili::chili::chili::chili:
Thank you Lord

I know how worried you have been, I'm so happy for you and littleman Harry
So incredibly happy for you and Harry!! This is a great weekend!!! Celebrate good times!
Yippee!!! Such great news. Thanks for sharing. Way to go.
Wonderful news! so happy for you and Harry!
This is the best news ever!! Crying happy tears!
Wonderful, Wonderful news!!!!! So happy for you and Harry!!!!!
:chili::chili:So happy for you... FABULOUS news!!!! :aktion033::aktion033:
:chili: Such good news :chili:
Don't apologize for posting. We care about this little guy, too, and want to share in his news.

So glad to know he is on the right track.
Congrats!! I can only imagine the relief you must feel!
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