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Originally posted by cindy6755@Aug 6 2005, 08:56 PM
After trying many dog foods kibble, canned, home-cooked and raw, Buster seems to like the raw the best. He won't eat dry or canned dog food at all now. He was ok with home-cooked, but loves the raw. I bought some Bravo raw food at a shop right here in downtown Melbourne, Fl. It has meat, grounded up bones and vegatables in it, no supplements, you have to add your own. They also had fresh green tripe,buster loved it.  I heard that raw was best for building up the immune system. We are still trying to get rid of demodex mange, so that is why I wanted to try it. Does anyone else do raw?
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ahhh thats so weird!! i'm the girl that lives in melbourne beach. anyways. i get my hair cut in downtown melbourne and i eat at island pasta alllll the time. i was there today.

i get so excited haha. but melbournes a small town

sorry for distracting from the topic. i don't do raw, but i know this big german shepherd breeder guy who swears by it.
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