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Has your dog ever snarled at you in attack mode?

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I was wondering if this has happened to any of you before. Everytime I (it's just me for some reason) try to remove Maggie's collar she snarls and tries to attack me. She is fine when my Mom or Dad try to remove it and I can't think of anytime when I have jerked at her collar, tugged on it or been rough...ever! And, it wasn't on too tight or anything like that...but for some reason she gets really agitated when I try to remove it (no other time). Any ideas on what this pooch may be thinking?

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This exact same thing happened to me with the dog I grew up with. It was just me, my mom and dad plus our dalmatian. She was one of those "I want to be alpha" dogs, and since it was clear that my mom and dad were above her in the "pecking order" she always battled with me for third place.

She would get right off the sofa for my mom or dad, but not me. With me she would growl and snarl- very scary. Same with leashes and food... I believe it was because she was trying to prove she was higher than me in the group.

I wish we would have nipped it in the butt because until the day she passed away she always threatened me. Pretty sad actually, but then again I was only 7 when we got her so I suppose I makes some sense.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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