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I did a little scan through some breeders' pages and found that there are lots of puppies available right now :) I thought this might help some people in their search. Or, just offer some swoon-worthy pics for the rest of us :wub: I love puppy pics!!

Ta-Jon Maltese:

2 Males (almost 4 months old) both expected to be 5.5-6.5 lbs.
Another male is about 7 months old.

Ta-Jon Maltese Puppies Available

Sands Maltese:

1 male (14 weeks) expected to be 5.5-6.5 lbs.

Sands Maltese, Breeders/Exhibitors of Quality Maltese (click Puppies tab)


11 week old, champion-sired female. About 5 lbs grown. They do blood panels and liver testing before you get her.

Pashes Maltese Puppies

Laureal Maltese:

2 females available, about 4 lbs full-grown. About 7 weeks old now.

Spunsilk Maltese:

2 males available.

Available Maltese at Spunsilk Maltese

Chrisman Maltese
1 female available, about 4.5-5lbs grown, about 5 months old.

Diamond Maltese

4 females, born in Sept and Nov. of last year, around 3lbs.

Note: I have NOT contacted these breeders personally, so I am going solely based on the information on their websites. Some of these puppies may be taken now.
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