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My little Angel is 7 weeks old and we found out she has a level 1 heart murmur. We are going to a cardiologist in about 2 weeks, but can anyone give any information on this? Is this common in a Maltese?

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Hi Pam

Sorry to hear about little Angel but i really would not worry.
I am not a vet but a grade one murmur really is nothing. Its the lowest on the scale. Many puppies are born with a heart murmur scale 1 - 3 i believe and in most cases they actually go away as the pup gets older. I am told it is more common in very small dogs or very very large dogs.

My Bella was born with a very serious heart murmur, so bad that vet could not even decide what scale it was on but said it was ''high up there''
She was given only a few weeks to live and i was told that she could actually drop down dead at any time!! :eek:

The breeder had taken her to the vet a week before i was due to get her, she was very honest about it and said she would keep the pup and i could wait for the next litter or take her for free. Id been in touch with her for weeks and already loved bella so much there was no way i wasnt taking her, and deep down had hoped her vet has wrong.

I was shocked when i got bella as her murmur was so easy to feel, and i was gutted when i left my own vets and realised how bad it was. He said there was no medication for her and def no need for surgery as she would never make it, plus it would cost me between £500 and £3000!
He couldnt say how long she would live but was not sure if it was ''worth his while'' to even give her her first injections. I decided i did want her to have them.

I took bella back a few weeks later for her 2nd injections and this time i was told she might just make it to a few months, six months at the very most but not to get my hopes up. But i was told not to ''feel sorry for her'' and let her live a normal doggy life for the short time she would have.

We went back for a check up when Bella was 10 months old and i was the lady vet this time. She was also shocked at how serious and LOUD her mumrur was (if u hold bella up to your ear you can actually hear it) but she she was ''in very good health for a bad pup'' lol :D

Bella is now almost 13 months and it doing GREAT!!! :D
Her murmur is still VERY high on the scale and i know that she probably will not live a full life but to look at her you really would not know that there is anything wrong with her. Shes a little smaller in size than most maltese, but eats well and is full of energy!

The vet will not spay her (we dont want to put her in any unneeded danger) but has said she should go on like this for years and years, pain free and happy. I was also told that now there ARE lots of tablets etc that Bella could have if she did become sick or was in pain.

I still worry about Bella, i dont know what i would do if i lost her and i tend to treat her more like a baby than a dog..i wont let her out to play without her coat on and at night she sleeps with a hot water bottle lol

Everytime she coughs i worry ''her hearts getting worse shes going to die''

A lot of the time though i do forget about her murmur :D
Esp when i see how fast she runs around the garden and when shes playing with her other doggy friends

Please do let us know how you get on when Angel sees the cardiologist.
I know it sounds easy to saybut please do try not to worry too much.
I was a mess when i found out about bella but liek isaid a year on and she is still here :D I am sure your new furbaby will be okay too.

Feel free to email me to chat or if you have any questions that i might be able to help with [email protected] and also take a look at bellas web site to see how well she is doing

Love and best wishes to you and Angel

Bellas Mummy and Bella

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Let us know how the visit go's, I think your little one will be fine

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Sorry to cat (I know he is not a maltese) has a heart murmur. When I adopted him 12 years ago I was told that it was bad and not to get my hopes up. Well 12 years later he is still here and doing very well. I have never let him go outside, he is an indoor cat, and I can feel him heartbeat but he is fine. Pookie was adopted and I was told his age was anywhere from 1 to 4 - adopted him from the Humane Society and they didn't know - so Pookie could be 13 or he could be 16, but my point is he has a wonderful life even with the heart murmur.
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