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heini in dortmund

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hello my dear friends, heini and me went to visit my grandparents and my best friend for a while and we had a fabulous time again!

I collected some pictures in an album, as I don't know which ones to pic.
as you see grandma & grandpa are well up. they have really grown old, especially granddad. but they are happy and healthy (as you can be at 89 & 94) we had fun and great conversations together. they give me so much love, no other present could be similar to that. we chatted for ages, baked cake together, looked through pictures, told old stories, sang songs and just enjoyed beeing together.

also my best friend danni had 'sankt nikolaus' coming t her house to give presents to the children. it was so funny, cause little nick usually is a cheeky little monkey, but cute and he knows it. but when nikolaus was there, he was the nicest boy in town..haha!
we sang songs and ate cake.

I took some pictures in dortmund too, just to show you how lovely it is especially at christmas time.
although I live in a 'picture postcard' place now, dortmund and concrete, dirt, many peolple, underground trains and all the rest of it, will always be where I really feel home, so des heini :blush:

:aktion033: here the pictures for you

thank you for letting me share!
I hope you like the pictures.
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When I view these photos I just think "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!":yes: All of you so happy by "nachmittag Kaffee." I wish we could all drop in to join you.
Your grandparents look GREAT---and you are a lovely young lady w/a natural beauty. Heini is very lucky to have you---and you are to have him, and them. Happy Holidays to you all!:wub:
Great photos Becky, love the ones with your grandparents.
What great photos, but then again, you always take great pictures!! I love seeing Heini spread the word that he was in town just in case his pup buddies were wondering about him LOL! Your grandparents are so sweet and you can tell your grandma really loves Heini. Thank you so much for sharing and glad to see that you are doing better :)
Those are such great pictures. Looks like you and Heini had such a great time, thanks for sharing.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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