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Hello everyone!

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Hi everyone. I just had to post today (finally) after seeing the book discussion thread. What an awesome idea.

I do not currently own a maltese, I am very saddened to say. Less than two weeks ago I put my precious angel, Holli to sleep after 14 wonderful years. I miss her terribly, and cry every single day (even this second) over her. I wanted to post and get familiar with it here before I bring another home, and I need lots of help. That and I wanted to leave Holli's mark here as well. Her picture is in my profile but I havent looked at how to get it in the corner by my name yet...

I have started looking for a puppy so I've read alot here. I have not had the greatest luck but then again I am impatient and also pretty particular. My boyfriend wants me to get on with it because both of us are just so "out of whack" without our little girl, but I am trying to do the right thing.

Anyway its great to see some old faces and lots of new ones. I'm looking forward to chit chatting away here.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I had to euthanize my 12-year-old Maltese, Rosebud, in 2002 and still miss her. I have to say, though, that getting another Malt right away helped me a lot. She isn't Rosebud but she is still my girl and it helps a lot. I now have two Malts... I got Catcher last July...

I know that awful feeling of a hole in your heart and that weight of pain. It will get better and bringing a new little one in to your life can help. It doesn't mean you don't mourn or love Holli any less... it is just making room in your heart...

You'll love this site... you can mention any brand names, breeder's names, post pictures of products.... the works! A lot of members here are new Maltese mommies and daddies, so someone with your expertise having had a Maltese for so many years, is much needed and welcomed on this site.

So glad to have you here! I look forward to your posts!
Janet.... we love hearing stories.... keep 'em coming!

I know which breeders you probably are thinking of in La., Fla. and Texas but some folks on here have found some wonderful breeders that might be closer to you. You probably have noticed that this site is divided into sub sections. So you might want to check out the Breeders section. You may find some there. I believe someone just recently found a good breeder in Ohio, Donale.. is that any closer?

PM Saltmalty (hope that's OK Saltymalty) and see who her breeder was. She was very happy with hers and I believe the breeder is in New Jersey.

If you find a breeder you think you might want to go with you can always start a post and mention the name in your title and ask if anyone has any experience with them.

It seems that there are a lot of smaller breeders out there who also show dogs but the names are not as familiar as the big ones such as the fabulous three of Divine, Rhapsody and Marcris. You may be able to find a smaller breeding program closer to you where the sire and dam are from those breeding programs, though.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
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