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Hello everyone!

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Hi everyone. I just had to post today (finally) after seeing the book discussion thread. What an awesome idea.

I do not currently own a maltese, I am very saddened to say. Less than two weeks ago I put my precious angel, Holli to sleep after 14 wonderful years. I miss her terribly, and cry every single day (even this second) over her. I wanted to post and get familiar with it here before I bring another home, and I need lots of help. That and I wanted to leave Holli's mark here as well. Her picture is in my profile but I havent looked at how to get it in the corner by my name yet...

I have started looking for a puppy so I've read alot here. I have not had the greatest luck but then again I am impatient and also pretty particular. My boyfriend wants me to get on with it because both of us are just so "out of whack" without our little girl, but I am trying to do the right thing.

Anyway its great to see some old faces and lots of new ones. I'm looking forward to chit chatting away here.

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After 16 years I lost Cadbury. A big lovable mush. I was so depressed and my other dog Snowflake was depressed too. I was having a very hard time getting over it. My husband decided to buy Flurry for me for my birthday, initially I was reluctant. It was the best thing I could have done. Between the potty training and daily mischief I did not have as much time to think about it, Snowflake at 15 is in a second puppyhood and Flurry has won a special place in our hearts right alongside Cadbury and Snowflake.
A month later my cousin was very depressed because she lost her cat, she lives alone with her cat and was so sad. After just going through a big loss I told her go out and rescue another cat, she seemed surprised but she did it, and although her new kitty can't replace her long time companion he has helped her to heal and she has a companion to share life with.
I am sorry for your loss. When you look at pups really look there is one waiting just for you.
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There are a several Maltese breeders in Pensylvania on the breeder referral list from the American Maltese Association:

How about checking with your vet if he has other Maltese in his practice? My sister manages a vet office and one of their clients is a Maltese breeder. They have cared for her dogs for nearly 15 years and my sister says they are the healthiest Maltese they have ever seen in their practice - no luxating patellas or liver shunts in nay of her dogs. If and when I ever got a puppy, I'd probably get one from her based on that. Aftre the health issues my poor Lady has, health is my #1 priority.

Even if he doesn't know a breeder to recommend, he may have a patient or two with nice healthy Maltese who might be willing to share their breeder's name.
I am looking at all of these breeders and have talked to some, but how does anyone know what they are getting without actually seeing them? Most places are a 4+ hour drive for me which would be great, except no one just has a handful of female puppies running around for me to see. The only reason I planned on going to those other breeders is that I can see tons and tons of photos of the parents, see example pup photos, show photos, and know their reputation (well as good as you can know one) for breeding healthy puppies. It guess it doesnt feel right to me just knowing someone has a good reputation and saying I will take one, without seeing for myself. Is there a better way to go about that, or am I being unreasonable? One breeder actually said they never send photos. Of course I am a bit cynical, so I think that he guesses that once I hold a puppy I won't want to leave without it, or if I drive that far I wont want to leave without one. You guys can say if you think I'm nuts. I think this
should be my perma-signature.

thanks guys!
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They might not have puppies now but you can still visit and decide if that is a breeder to keep on your list. What I did was call and ask the breeder a bunch of questions. Any of them that sent up any red flags were eliminated. When I narrowed it down to 3-5 breeders I went and visited them. You really need to visit the breeder because the might sound like an angel on the phone but when you get there you can see for yourself what the conditions are.
I know some breeders are fussy (and rightfully so) about not allowing people to visit puppies when they are very young for fear of diseases like Parvo being carried in on shoes, etc. But I think it is very important to see where a potential puppy would come from as anyone can tell you anything over the phone or on a website. Even the worst puppy millers swear that their puppies are home raised with love.

I'm not sure what your budget is, but are you looking for a top name breeder or perhaps a smaller breeder with nice healthy puppies that is a little more local?

I know one of our members, adorable accents, breeds Maltese and is in New Jersey. Here is her website:
Hi, glad you joined us. So sorry for your loss. I lost my beloved Penny two years ago and then found Will & Gracie. They helped me heal and made me smile through my tears. We never forget or replace those who came before, they are always with us in our hearts, but slowly the sad days are less until the happy ones take over. New furbabies make the transition a little easier
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Hi and welcome. I just joined this site last week, and I love it here. I know you will too. I'm very sorry about your Holliberry, and I wish you the best of luck in finding your new baby!
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I cried reading about Holliberry, such a cutie!! Welcome to SM, I hope you will be comfortable here. Know you can tell us anything and we'll understand. These people are fantastic here....Welcome......
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