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Hi... I'm new to Maltese pups and am totally in love with the breed! My little girl is a rescue, not really sure if she is full blood because her ears are high on her head like a yorkies', but the groomer said her fur is the exact texture of a maltese, so who knows. We don't really care, we love her just as she is.

My questions is... at what age does a maltese stop growing? I know with some dogs it is around 6 months, but some it's older. I want to get her a really nice harness, but she is only five months. If she is full grown at 6 months, then I will buy her one next month, but I don't want to get a really nice one if she is going to outgrow it.

I'll add picture of Lizzie as soon as I get my camera back from my niece.

Thanks so much,
:Welcome 4:
Hi Lizzie's Mom and Welcome! Your little girl is beautiful. Hope you like it here...the women are wonderful. My little guy (almost 9 months) looks like he's stopped growing already. He's been five pounds for a few months now. He got taller and longer, but still is a little squirt. He still fits into a size XS. I got him a harness that is adjustable.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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