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Hello :)

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I'm Cheri, I used to be a member here a couple years ago, but I've lost my info on my account, so I had to make a new one :) SOme of you might remember me, I rescued Vi from a puppy mill. She's now 5 and doing great still! I still haven't grown her coat out fully, but I'm going to try this season. Although she had a bout with some kind of skin condition, but she wasn't with me then. (long story short, she was lost for 3 months and just when I had given up hope, I found her!! But they said she had something, so her hair is all uneven and we're trying to grow it out again! ...I still can't believe I found her after 3 months, and that the people were still willing to giver her back to me!!)
It's been a long year! But I'm glad to be around people that appreciate the companionship of those special dogs :)
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Thanks guys! And yes, it was a true miracle! They even returned her without hesitation. I cried like a baby for those 3 months, it was horrible. And as soon as she saw me, she freaked out and was whining!
A little more info about that day she went missing, I was away with my girlfriends for the day. At 9 pm on my way home, I get a call from my husband asking if I had seen her earlier that day. She had just disapeared! (although, I think my husband left the door open and the other 3 little dogs, who like to escape, took off and Vi followed...which sh usually doesn't because she;s my shadow...but since I wasn't home...) Anyway, there was a really bad ice storm that night before, and the temp plunged to 9. I thought for sure I would never see her again. (and yes, the other two troublemakers got back home safe and sound...)
Turns out, they found her under their trampoline and brought her in and warmed her up. They didn't want to keep her, but couldn't find a home for her either. (they claim they didn't see my posters all around town...). But they took really good care of her and she was loved :) I got on my knees and thanks God for her being ok.
...they thought she was a terrier mix LOL Her hair was shaved a year ago for the summer, so she wasn't as long, but still...a terrier mix? I guess I could see that...if I squinted...
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Hi! I am so glad to see you back!! What a scare with Vi - I can't believe you got her back. That is fate right there!

I'm having a bout with a skin infections on one of my girls, it's really awful and I can't grow her coat out if I wanted to.

Please post some new pics of Vi!! Can't wait to see her and her smiling face again :wub:
It's so nice to know that she was well taken care of...Miracles do happen!
Yes they DO happen! My husband felt SO bad...especially when I would go into crying fits LOL I felt so silly (because they make me FEEL silly) for crying so bad...but my heart was seriously sad!
I'll have to take more pictures, I havent had time with everything going on right now, but I'll make it a point :) I added a few in my album, just some of my favorites, I think most of them are old.
BUt, all is right with the world again and I have my shadow back :)
That's a true miracle that you got your Vi back! Welcome back!! :)
What a amazing story and with such a happy ending. :aktion033:
Welcome back Cheri & Vi. Sassy & I remember you and your little princess. I am happy that you were reunited with your little fluffy girl and things are well now.
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