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Helo and Boomer Sleepy Time

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Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since I posted some pics of the boys.


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omg- could they be any more precious?!? What little loves!
Awwwww! I love a sweet sleeping malt.
I smiled at the pic of one of your lads nappin on the Dog Training Book!
He must have been thinking:
"That book is a snooze. Wake me when you find a book on Training Humans! That I will read!"

And then I just melted at the last pic. Where they are asleep on the sofa, and you've tucked them in ever so sweetly with a blanket!
i love the bottom picture. They sleep like little babies
Oh they are just too cute...I LOVE that last pic. Precious!
Oh Rita, the pictures are so sweet. Love the last one!!!

Ditto.......I was enjoying each of your pictures.....then I got to that last one of the two of them sleeping :wub::wub: OMG, how very precious. I felt like tip toeing away as not to disturb them.

That is priceless. Thanks for sharing them with us. :aktion033:
I just LOVE that last picture. It says it all! Adorable!!!:wub: Thanks for sharing.
Rita, your boys are gorgeous! My favourite pic is the last one, both sleeping so peacefully!

Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra :wub:
The sleeping malt, how precious. Just as cute as when they are awake!!

Hey we are going to be flying into Philly the end of July to help my daughter move to Penn State. I won't be able to bring Lilly though. I just couldn't talk Hubby into paying for the airfare for her. :biggrin:
oo wow what cuties , the last one is my fav i wanna snuggle right in between them lol
Rita, your babies are precious!!! How innocent and sweet they look especially when they are sleeping!! :wub::wub:
I love it when I see sleeping malts <3 always makes me wanna cuddle next to them.. your boys are adorable

Don't they look like little angels when they sleep? :)
oh my gosh how cute, I want to pick them up and kiss on them:wub: that last picture is priceless
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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