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Help for Cottony hair

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I have tried several shampoo's for Noelle's cottony hair, Coat Handler, Nature's Specialty the Coconut and the Aloe Remoisturizer, Pure Paws and the Oatmeal Pure Paws, Dove, Garnier Fructise i'm sure there's more that i've forgotten. Her facial hair is very soft and silky, but her body is very fluffy and not soft at all, it almost feels like its not there and she has tons of hair. Is there anything i can use or do to help to help make her hair softer and silkier feeling. Her hair is too short to iron right now, but once it gets some length to it i'll start ironing.
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I'm not much help here, but have you tried using a shine serum spray type product just on the cottony part? I wonder if that Pure Paws spray shine or something along those lines would help on those areas?
where's Crystal when you need her lol Matilda has cotton hair, but her topknot, ears, face and tail are silky, I'm watching this thread also Debbie
Ironing can actually do more harm than good over time. Some coats are just the way they are and nothing is going to change it to a great degree. I wish I could give you a miracle conditioner, but I just don't think it's out there. Some will help a bit but I think you have to keep the coat clean and brushed free of mats and then use a good coating conditioner that will last almost a week until the next bath. I think the silk serums that you run thru the hair may help a bit too, but also may help the wave show more if the coat is prone to waves.
Sally's has a product called Silk Elements, I use this when I flatiron.
I fixed Ava's cottony hair. :chili:

After trying every product on the face of this earth (I think)...

I cut it off! :HistericalSmiley:
:lol: :lol:
shiloh's hair is quite cottony i use boots coconut and almond leave in
conditioner ,i would never brush her without it ,smells great also ..
Izzy has the cottony hair that you describe. Cottony on the her body and silky on her face. She also has some curlier hair that I like to keep straighter. I use the Pure Paws Oatmeal shampoo, Oatmeal Conditioner and Ultra Silk deep conditioner.

I bathe twice in the Oatmeal shampoo. Then mix the Oatmeal Conditioner and the Ultra Silk together with water in a squeeze bottle. I heat the conditioner for about 15 seconds before I use it and then massage it in for 5 - 10 minutes - however long I can get her to sit still while I give her a doggy massage. Then rinse with cool water.

Once every 6 weeks or so I use the Brightening Shampoo then the Oatmeal Shampoo and condition as above. When using the Brightening Shampoo her coat is a little fluffier so I don't do it often.

I Dry her hair and straighten it with a Purple Madan Brush and a metal comb. I comb her hair with a Chris Christensen Face and Paw Butter comb and re-do her top knot once a day. I don't use a brush on her for daily grooming as the comb seems to work better.

I love the shampoo and what it has done for Izzy's hair. She still has a cottony coat, Pure Paws won't change that, but it is softer and way more manageable. The longer it get's the better it looks. I have been growing her into a lamb cut. She is never going to have a beautiful straight coat like Jett - but she's so much closer now than she ever was.

I think you may just need to stick with the Pure Paws for a while and watch the results over time. I've been using it since February and it gets better every time I use it. For the first time this week I was able to completely run a comb through her wet hair easily without even hitting the tiniest of snarls.

I also haven't seen a flea on the girl even when I had my house guest with fleas she was not bothered by them - only the dogs that didn't get bathed weekly had issues and had to have Frontline.

I hope that helps. I'm sure Crystal will post to offer some suggestions as well.
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