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Help getting pup to eat

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One of my pups, who is eleven weeks old today, is an extremely picky eater. I actually stayed home from work Friday to be with him because he was sluggish when I got up. The one thing I've been able to get him to eat a little of is baby meat. I know he must eat some puppy food kibble with his mom, but not enough to show.
Friday night, I was sitting here at the computer, eating a sandwich. I dropped some of the crust to those sitting at my feet, and he ran up to see what all the fuss was about. Next, I dropped kibble in the pile, and he went to eating. So, for the past two days, he's had kibble dropped in the floor and a bowl of kibble in my bed. Maybe it's not what you feed, but where you feed for some of these spoiled babies.
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Oh, that's great that he's eating now. It's definitely an "up" when a formerly non-eating Malt is now eating... I imagine you feel a lot of relief.

Maltese pups are definitely picky. The only way Kallie would eat (besides my hand feeding her) was to serve her food on a plate, rather than a bowl and I had to put it in the doorway of the kitchen, not in the room itself. We did that until she was older and now at 3 she gobbles up food wherever I put it.
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Originally posted by puppymom@Sep 11 2005, 03:08 PM
I am ashamed to admit that at 6 months Ty still does most of his best eating "by hand".  It really isn't a problem and he will eat from a bowl when really hungry but he prefers to eat sitting on my lap being hand fed 
  I guess that makes him spoiled but to tell you the truth I kind of enjoy sitting with him while he eats.  when we eat dinner he sits on the floor by my chair and i keep a little bowl of kibble on the table and feed him kibble while we eat (never table food).  I guess I've gone soft in my old age because I would never have done that with other dogs that we have had but something about this fluffy ball of fur just begs to be pampered and adored.  It works for us.

My kids are grown and gone, he's my "empty nest baby" (Lucy you are the Psychologist-you analyze it
) so I guess it's my own darn fault!!
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I think what you're doing is great!! I loved feeding mine by hand... it was so nice feeling their little furry noses in my hand. It's a great bonding experience, too. Enjoy this wonderful puppy time while it lasts!!
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