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Originally posted by puppymom@Sep 11 2005, 03:08 PM
I am ashamed to admit that at 6 months Ty still does most of his best eating "by hand".  It really isn't a problem and he will eat from a bowl when really hungry but he prefers to eat sitting on my lap being hand fed 
  I guess that makes him spoiled but to tell you the truth I kind of enjoy sitting with him while he eats.  when we eat dinner he sits on the floor by my chair and i keep a little bowl of kibble on the table and feed him kibble while we eat (never table food).  I guess I've gone soft in my old age because I would never have done that with other dogs that we have had but something about this fluffy ball of fur just begs to be pampered and adored.  It works for us.

My kids are grown and gone, he's my "empty nest baby" (Lucy you are the Psychologist-you analyze it
) so I guess it's my own darn fault!!
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Matilda is alot like Ty. We have always fed our furbabies by hand. People usually roll their eyes or have a snide reply,
we just laugh and continue to feed them. :D
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