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HELP! Need pictures of dogs in all weather

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Next month, my first graders start the unit on weather. I'd like to make some flash cards as well as a memory game to supplement the book. However, I don't want ordinary weather pictures....I want adorable dogs in all kinds of weather. I absolutely must have:

1. Sunny
2. Rainy
3. Windy
4. Cloudy
5. Snowy

I'd also like to have a stormy, foggy, hot, and cold.

It doesn't have to be Maltese dogs, though of course I'm partial to them.

If any of you have a pic of your dog in the above kind of weather and you don't mind my making it up into a flashcard, game, to use over here while teaching English, please, please, pm it to me or post it. Thanks a million!!!!! :D :D :D
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Awww, I love the pic of Lady!!!!! She looks great!!!!!!!! :D
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