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Originally posted by TheButtercup@Jul 25 2005, 01:07 AM
once i figure out how to post them in a post, i'll get some up.  i have buttercup in the snow, and my best friend has two newfs in snow (hilarious pics). i think i also have buttercup in a big leaf pile. 

i've been trying to learn how to post a pic inside a post here, but i'm apparently too stupid to figure it out LOL.  and here i thought i was pretty computer friendly....

ann marie and the "dont look at me, i dont have opposable thumbs" buttercup
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Here ya go....

To Add Pictures in Your Post:

1. First you need to have your photos "hosted". You can go to Image Cave Free Hosting and upload photos from your computer. You'll need to register there first. Hosting is free. This is just one hosting company. Any of them will do.

Image Cave Free Photo Hosting

2. After uploading your photo, you can Edit your image to change the size. Something in the 400 range is about right for posting. On Image Cave the "Edit" button is next to each photo in your Album.

3. After your images are loaded, go to your Album. Then "copy" the URL of the photos. Image Cave gives you three different versions of your URL, next to your thumbnail photo. Choose the one that says: "EZ Code".

4. Then open up a posting box here on SM just like you're going to post a regular message. "Paste" the "EZ Code" URL of your image in to your post.

That's all there is to it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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