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HELP! Need pictures of dogs in all weather

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Next month, my first graders start the unit on weather. I'd like to make some flash cards as well as a memory game to supplement the book. However, I don't want ordinary weather pictures....I want adorable dogs in all kinds of weather. I absolutely must have:

1. Sunny
2. Rainy
3. Windy
4. Cloudy
5. Snowy

I'd also like to have a stormy, foggy, hot, and cold.

It doesn't have to be Maltese dogs, though of course I'm partial to them.

If any of you have a pic of your dog in the above kind of weather and you don't mind my making it up into a flashcard, game, to use over here while teaching English, please, please, pm it to me or post it. Thanks a million!!!!! :D :D :D
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These are great! :D :D :D Keep them coming!! :D :D :D It's so hard to choose....may have to make at least two sets for every weather condition!!!! :D

doctorcathy, your trio has me inspired to start working on yet another that involves comparisons....big vs small, tall vs. short....or something like that. Haven't quite worked it out yet.

Ladysmom, Ha! Photographic evidence that I'm not the only one to dress up my dogs in cute outfits and sunglasses. My co-worker has all the kids convinced that I am nuts, that dogs in fact do NOT wear clothes and have no need for sunglasses or shoes or anything like that. (Naturally, I'll explain that Lady is barefoot because she's poolside.) The kids are going to just die over that photo! :D

Thank you everyone! I'm using every single picture so far! :D :D
Momtwomaltmuffins~ I know exactly what my kids will be shrieking when they see that picture of your kids in the snow, "teacher, teacher! KISSING! DOGS kissing!!!"
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1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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