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Originally posted by Ania@Dec 12 2004, 09:38 AM
This is the story:

For right now, i have 3 dogs in my house. Mini, frosty and mandy. Frosty is 14 months, mini is 7 months and many is 9 months.

Many is not spayed and she is not my dog so i cant really do anything with her. My cousin gave her to me to watch her while she does her constructions in her apartment. For right now shes leaving with her mym and unfortunatly,  they cant have dogs there.

I got mini from the same breeder as mandy. I picked up both of the doggies, for me and for her.  Mandy was 4 months and mini was 2. Shortly after she had the pup she had to give her to me because she was moving to her moms apartment  and sadly they cant have dogs there.

She asked me if the dog can stay at my house while she gets her apartment ready. I agreed. Its been 5 months now and i still have the dog. I had her for more than she did!!!!!!!!!!! it wont be fair to give her away 

This is the reason why i never spayed her.  We love this  dog and we dont want to give  it back.

When my cousin gaved me the dog after a month of haviing her, she was all dirty, tangled, shaki very scared and looked sick. Very, very skiny. Now shes beautifull. Im afaraid that when i give her back, it will be the same thing all over.  She has a young son who is 6 and i dont think he cares for her too much. I found pieces of chewing gum in her hair !!!!!! what does that tell you ?????

She doesnt give a s*** about this dog. She only calls once in a while to see hoe shes doing. How about a visit????

I tried not to get attached to mandy, but its too late. I tried not to even mention her in the forum, so i dont feel like its my dog.

I know one thing, once she takes that dog away from me, i will be crying like a little kid. I know this dog loves me the most of all my dogs?!? Shes always around me , she is always the one who goes to bed with me. All that makes it very hard . I keep telling my mom that i dont want to give her back, but she tells me that its not our dog and we cant do anything abut it.

Thans for listening guys.

It makes it bfeel much better

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That stinks and i would suggest to you to say to her that once she is able to have a dog she should get another one that the stay of this baby was longer than anticipated and that you are way to attached since you have been so kind and she really hasnt taking an interest i think its only fair that you keep her
maybe offer her a few dollars if it winds up being about the money to her
but i wouldnt be at all happy about giving her back after she has been with you this long
good luck
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