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She's in heat...she was probably swollen for a few days, but once the dripping starts, it's very noticeable. What you can do until Monday-get a pair of SMALL underwear,(Preferably little boy underwear-size 2 or 4) and a mini pad. cut a tail hole...and put the underwear on her with the pad inside. (Toward the back where her vagina is) you'll have to remove it when she has to go to the bathroom but DON'T panic!!!

It's perfectly normal, and they may not spay her on monday-they may make you wait until her heat is over (could be about 2 weeks) Make sure she is not around ANY intact males!!! Keep her indoors or when you walk her, keep her on a close lead!!

The good news-once she's spayed, you'll never have to deal with this again!
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