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HELP! recommendations needed for a sickly puppy!

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A friend of a friend of mine recently got a "teacup yorkie." I saw this puppy for the first time yesterday and it looks so sickly. I guess it wont eat anything and they are forcing nutrical in its mouth along with human baby food (beef in beef gravy, ew). She claims the dog is 4.5 months old but I feel like its younger. It has all its baby teeth but refuses to eat. I think the dog weighs less than a pound because she said it would weigh 2 pounds when fully grown. I guess she has been having trouble with hypoglycemia and they have gone to the vet a few times but honestly the only thing he is recommending is to squirt food into the dogs mouth. He recommended science diet which I feel like is a crap food. Im so afraid this puppy is not going to make it because this girl has no idea how to take care of herself let alone a dog.

What would you recommend for food for this dog. I was thinking canned natural balance, maybe even the dog rolls, or maybe the merricks puppy plate. I dont think it can eat solid food right now. It's mouth is so itty bitty but maybe solid gold wee bits, its the tiniest food I can think of. I recommended she buy some organic chicken breasts and bake them and see if the puppy will eat that but she refuses to touch raw meat. Any suggestions would be so helpful. I seriously feel bad for this puppy, its starting to lose fur in places which she says is because its losing its puppy coat but I feel like its from malnutrition.
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we use blue wilderness ground up in a food processor and then mixed till moist with puppy milk. he will get alot of calories and it will be soft so his little mouth can eat it. baby food is just gross and dogs dont eat beef naturally. So sad. We had a couple of yorkie "teacup" rescue pups and their hair was almost gone. When we changed their diet they were beautiful with in a few months. IT is so sad that anyone would breed a puppy this small. My BIL has a "teacup poodle" that is not even 2 pounds at 5 years old. She has a variety of health issues but he is considering breeding her. Makes me SOO mad to even think about it.
The worst part is that she wants to breed this puppy. My stomach flipped when I heard this. Thanks for the help! I will pass it on.
The dog needs to see a vet and be screened for a liver shunt ASAP. This is super common in Yorkies and should be addressed right away.
In the short term some Hill's A/D mixed with a touch of warm water is easy to syringe and very high in calories. However, if the pup has liver problems feeding all of this protein (including baby food) is contraindicated.
Jackie is totally right about liver shunt. I'd feed it scrambled eggs and cottage cheese (even if I had to syringe it in) until the dog was thoroughly checked out by a vet for liver shunt.
Yikes, I did not think about liver problems!! hopefully the owner will spring for the extra testing especially considering she wants to breed the dog.
I remember telling her yesterday to test for that. I know they did the bile one where the dog fasts and then eats. I dont know the outcome of it
In the meantime, I would give her a little milk thistle and keep the protein low. It really does sound like a liver issue. Poor little thing.
Good news! No liver shunt. I had my friend call and ask. I knew they had the test done but I wasnt sure of the results.
I hope the yorkie is okay. It's sounds like a pitiful situation.

I find it extremely disturbing and highly uneducated that anyone would ever consider breeding a 2lb dog. That's a tragedy waiting to happen. yikes.
You may find some helpful advice in this thread regarding Nutrical and hypoglycemia:
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