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In a survey of breeders and people showing Maltese that I read recently, about 99% said they prefer a male. They said they are better natured and easier to train, easier in the show ring and less bitchy than a female, and even more loveable. I know there are lots of you with females that aren't going to agree, but that's the way the survey came out. Quincey's mom is right about a dog marking in a strange house. I would give one a chance to realize it's home before rushing it off. Frosty does raise his leg on things outside, but never inside. He's an exception with his leg raising........most dogs neutered by 6 mo. squat like a female.

As for the puppy you are considering.....I would be very wary of someone who doesn't know who the breeder was, and a breeder who doesn't want to dog back.
Other than that if you like the dog and he fits with your family, and you talk to his current vet as well as your own, I think if the price is also right, I'd seriously consider it.
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