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Help with little hairs...

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When I took Lizzie to be groomed, the groomer cut the hairs around her eyes. Since this is my first little fuzz ball, I had no idea she was going to do that. Now those little hairs are always bothering her and her tear staining is worse than ever. Is there some kind of jel or mousse I can put on her hair to help keep those little hairs out of her eyes until they are longer?


Ronni and Lizzie
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My groomer did that to Ava too. Jut the inside corners of her eyes, now the hair is just reaching her eyes....but i think it's still to short to put anything on without getting it into her eyes....I am not happy about that!!
I'm in the same situation with Attie. Please pass any hints my way.
Same problem here too! And my pup won't let me come near him with scissors or I could keep it trimmed away. girls don't ever go to a groomer after that...I have two is very good and so I get to keep her eyes very clear of hair by continuing to keep the hair around her eyes very short and clean...

My other girl I have had to RESIST the urge to clip the hair in her eyes EVERY DAY ANDALL has been so hard but I have held out for several months now....the hair is still to short to put up into her top knot, but long enough that it is no longer poking her in the eyes....I just clean her eyes ALL DAY long, especially in the first few months when the hair made her eyes tear...I dried them with a facial round cotton pad and then combed out with a little flea cOMB at least Three times daily...

The good thing is that both my girls are finally used to me messing with their eyes all day and are so much better about tolerating it...I am hoping I can resist the urge to trim those pesky hairs for just a few more months...I'll need therapy after this ordeal...
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That's the way I feel! I know those little hairs are driving her crazy and her little eyes have got to itch, so I'm brushing and cleaning constantly to keep the hairs out of her little eyes. However, I just had her spayed on Tuesday, so I don't want to mess with her too much. She isn't feeling very good, so I thought I could just put something on her hair to help hold it out of her face.
Well, I had this problem a LONG time ago when I took Vi to another groomer before my friend opened her shop. Someone here gave me a great idea! There is some kind of gel for the eyes to soothe them (can't remember the name) and they said you can use it (its over the counter if I remember right) to help keep the hair up, and once it gets long enough you can clip it up with those little hair clips for toddlers.
Whoever had Vi shaved her whole head like a terrier cut, so her hair was short again LOL We're getting to the point we can use the clips now, but still can't fit it in a top knot.
Next time you go to the groomer, make sure they WRITE IT DOWN ON HER CARD not to clip the hair there again. And trust me when I say that if they STILL do it, don't ever take her there again because they will CONTINUE TO DO IT.
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I did see a product in PetEdge pet supply catalog called hair gel. I hate stuff in my hair gets stiff or sticky. Don't know if it would be the same for dogs.

I was in BabiesRUs and got her some baby hair clips. They are different colors and sparkle!
Liz's hair isn't long enough for clips yet. I wish it was.
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