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HELP with Tinkling

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Since I am still such a novice when it comes to the maltese breed, can someone help me out. I am just now realizing that when SeRi is with strangers or at a stranger's house, she tinkles if someone tries to pick her up. When we went to visit my daughter over the 3 day weekend, my daughter tried to carry her several times and each and every time she would tinkle . . and when I am not in my daughter's condo, she somehow manages to get herself squeezed in tight corners like she was hiding . .but at home where she is most comfortable, oh boy, you will find her everywhere and anywhere running if I let her . . .I would love to hear any advise on how to get rid of this fear of strangers. . . :w00t: oh I am not sure if this helps, but if I take her in a carrier when I ran errands, she does not seem to mind if anyone would come up to pet her . . .
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Hey Des...........sounds like she is fear peeing or submission peeing. She is such a tiny little gal, we all must look "HUGE" to her and that's scarey enough! LOL But does she pee when someone approaches if "YOU" are holding her not in the carrier???? That may be the way to socialize her a little bit and get her use to the touch and approach of others. That's my input! :) Toby was doing it for a while so I started holding him when anyone would enter the house and of course he would never pee on me so with as time passed, I would start leaving him down with people he was familiar with and any "newbies" he did not know, I would simply hold him until he was comfy with them being in the house.
humm.....Ava doesn't pee when scared....and she is scared of strangers.

But I do know of at least two dogs who do this every time I go to pet them :blink:

Now I ignore them until we get into the kitchen!!! So the clean up is easier...

It may be just a weak bladder? I really don't know.
Dixie used to do that more when she was younger. I thought it was because she got excited. It was when someone came into the house. The only time she does it now is when her Daddy comes home late after being gone all day. She tinkles on his foot every time. LOL
My mini Schnauzer did that whenever my brother would come to our house, she would greet him with a tinkle! Sometimes it could just be from being too excited.
bisou doesn't tinkle like that but she is certainly very weary of strangers. she probably prefers that they just not even approach her. I think she does feel more secure when I'm holding her and people will approach her. Usually, I don't let anyone else pick her up though..or less she'd would probably start to tremble a bit. But if people ignore her, she adjusts more easily into her (new) surroundings.

But she's come a long way since I've first had her. One thing we did, when we were out, was to let a stranger who wanted to approach her, to give her a treat..and leave it at that. Good luck Des- SeRi is the cutest litte thing!
I have read that dogs will out grow submissive/excitement urination between 6 months and 1 year old, and until she outgrows this behavior you should do your best not to have strangers pick her up. They say the best thing to do is let her mature a little through this stage of life in a calm and gentle enironment.
Our Cody used to have submissive urination issues. I started taking him to puppy classes to increase his confidence around other guests and that really helped him.
8 Ways to Stop Submissive Urination in Dogs
Have the people ignore her, not make eye contact, and let her come up to them. They can also toss treats. Remember NO eye contact. She's just a little nervous and showing it with her pee. Most grow out of it.
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