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Kathy & Pipper
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I dropped Henry off for a dental procedure this morning. He had two loose teeth that needed to be removed. Well the vet just called and said he needs to have 14 teeth pulled! 14!!!
The poor little guy. He will only have 7 teeth left.
I have brushed his teeth and applied a special gel every single night since he was a puppy. I just don't understand why nothing seems to work... I have tried so hard to avoid this for him - the guilt!
Has anyone had any luck preventing dental disease?
I'm sorry that little Henry has to have so many teeth removed. I think Pipper has lost a total of about 14 but he still seems to have a mouthful of teeth. I always feel so guilty too because I wonder what I'm doing wrong. I think it's just the overcrowding in these tiny mouths and no matter how much we try, we just can't prevent it. Sending prayers he's not too uncomfortable afterwards.
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