Bringing a Maltese into your life? There’s plenty of joy and fun ahead, no doubt about it. However, if you are looking to provide one of these puppers with a caring foster home, you will need to be prepared. You will want to give them the best possible care and a loving experience since this is important in a foster program and for pets that have been abandoned and are in need of a new forever home. The reasons why Maltese dogs end up in shelters by their owners are many. But usually, they simply weren’t ready to care for them adequately. However, your affection, patience, and care as a foster will be there to make everything right again and to help a dog in need find happiness once again. So, here’s what you need to know if you want to foster a Maltese.

Maltese dogs are the ultimate lapdogs. These tiny, furry goofballs are a ton of fun! Small and cuddly, these dogs are surprisingly intelligent and full of affection for their human family. The Maltese are naturally trusting and can form a strong bond with their favorite owner. And on top of all that, after the cuddling is done, they will be energetic, playful, and full of that unmistakable tiny doggo spunk. All of that certainly sounds great, but it might require a lot of work and a stable daily routine. As a foster, you will need to establish one – it will help make the process so much smoother.

Socialization is very important for the Maltese dog. If you are fostering a puppy, it will be up to you to deal with this task, because socialization is crucial in the puppy years. Introduce your dog to new and friendly strangers in calm and controlled environments, and surround them with other friendly doggies too! It will mean so much to a puppy and ensure that they grow up into a friendly and sociable dog. Otherwise, they might become a bit too snappy and grumpy in their later life. This snappy attitude is commonly seen amongst tiny breeds, the Maltese included. To control this, you will need to arm yourself with patience and utilize a firm voice and an “alpha” attitude. Once the message is understood, start relying on positive reinforcement to reward your Maltese for a task well done. Thanks to your patient work as a foster owner, you will be making sure that your Maltese pet finds a loving forever home where they will be easily accepted.

Another thing to know when fostering Maltese is that they will require plenty of grooming. Popular as show dogs, they have long flowing coats that can be trimmed and groomed in various ways. This means that regular visits to the grooming salons will be a key part of your foster experience. But ultimately, it will all pay off. In general, the Maltese are not too demanding and will give you plenty of love and fun in exchange. And saying goodbye to them can be quite hard at times!

Photo credit: Kimrawicz/Shutterstock