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Herro it's Shiloh!

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I realized I haven't posted pics of little Shi Shi with her new summer cut (aka Clydesdale horse cut):HistericalSmiley:. Let me tell you that I love the easy maintenance of it! Bath time is a breeze now!
XOXO~KT & Shiloh


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I saw that siggie and was thinking there would be new pix of the stunning Shiloh coming soon and voila.:wub::wub: Gorgeous!!! And you're making me think Tyler could use a cut.:w00t:
Haha! She's a cutie patooty!
OMG! Kristina you're killing me!!! I love that cut!!!! Beautiful.....:wub:
I love it, just love it.......reminds me of Cosy!!! She is just adorable!!
OMG!! Remy is drooling over here! He says he misses his girlfriend so much!!!!
WOOOOOWZA!!! What a little hottie Shiloh is! She looks amazing in her haircut and her gorgeous outfits! :wub::wub::wub: I especially love her outfit in your siggy! :thumbsup: Suri says she is going to get a haircut just like her sis. :aktion033: Just gorgeous Shi Shi!
shiloh is adorable ...note my shiloh... is also called shy shy for short just like the song by kajagoogo ...too shy.
Shiloh is so gorgeous, and I LOVE the cut. I am having trouble managing Daphne Rose's hair, and I am going to look into a cut like this for her. Thanks for posting the beautiful pics.
Love your pictures of Shilho, she is beautiful!!:wub:
Love her and love her new cut - just beautiful!
:wub: She is adorable, so sweet
omg Kris I LOVE those photos!! She is really like a little Maltese supermodel! Just so wow wow!!! Seriously, she does not even look real!!!
She is just stunning! Such a little beauty! :wub:
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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