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Hi again everyone! I know its been along time again since i've been back...

Well since I moved to my house, things have not been going the best... It took a month for me to have cable (so that meant no t.v. or computer :excl:
). The area I moved to is still new and the the cable line running underground was stuck so the builders had to get a permit from the city to dig up the road to fix it. That plus some other drama in my life making it very stressful. Hopefully, I will be bringing my puppy (8 months) home early next week! As much as I been wanting one, I wondered sometimes if I should be getting him. But I think he would be some relief to the stress! I hope you guys don't mind all the questions again!
This site has changed alot! It looks great and soo many new people!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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