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Hi all from Turkey Istanbul

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Hello everyone my name is Serra I'm from Turkey Istanbul I just found this forum and I really liked it.I have 2 is klein spitz Princess Mia she is 2 and the other one is a chihuahua 4 months old Stella Valentina I love them so much I'm so new to maltese breed but I really liked it I think my next puppy will be maltese.
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:biggrin:Welcome to SM,:smilie_daumenpos: If you stay on here long enough , I guarantee you will fall in love with the maltese breed:heart: and will have one.:chili: Love the picture of your littleones:wub:
Welcome to SM, your little ones are adorable.:wub:
Welcome to the forum! Your kids are soooo adorable! :wub:

HUGz! Jules
They're absolutely precious!! :wub:

:Welcome 3:
Welcome! You'd adore your Malt if you got one.
Istanbul! We loved our visit there!
Hi and a warm welcome to Spoiled Maltese!!! You will love it here. Your babies are adorable and I especially love your little Chi!!! He is so little!! Yes, if you ever get a maltese, you will love it. I would love a little chihuahua!!!! :Welcome 4:
:Welcome 1: Hi Serra. Your two are so cute. Great picture on the bed. Hope you learn a lot about Maltese here. They're terrific.:wub:
:Welcome 4::Sooo cute:

Welcome! Your dogs are cute!
Serra, welcome to Spoiled Maltese! :Welcome 4: Your name is beautiful and I love the picture of your little ones ... they are both precious looking. :wub::wub:
Welcome!!!! Your pups are beautiful!!!! :wub::wub:

I think you need a maltese to complete your pack!!!

You will love their temperment.
Welcome. Maltese are wonderful dogs: they have a very sweet, loving, eager-to-please temperment. Also, malts have a long association with Turkey; Queen Elizabeth I had two maltese from Turkey.
Welcome to SM! Your babies are so cute! I am also a Chi mama ( in addition to being a Malt mama..haha) and mommy to another Princess Mia! hehe..You will love a Malt..they are very similar to Chis in terms of their sweetness and loyalty!
:welcome1: Serra So glad you have joined. Your babis look adorable. :wub:
Merhaba, Welcome to SM! I have family from Turkey. (Mom's side, she is from Istanbul) Beautiful place that I hope to visit one day.:)
Thank you guys for your lovely comments you are so sweet I'm so happy to be here .
Welcome!! Your babies are adorable!!

I just returned today from Istanbul- was in Turkey for the past 2.5 weeks- what a great country and I just love Istanbul!! So glad you joined! xoxo
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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