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Tobi is so adorable! I love his little smile.

Depending on the dog, growing his coat out to the ground will probably take 9-12 months or so. Of course, you may not want it to the ground. Some people cut it so it's somewhere between full coat and puppy cut.

If clippers have been used on him, once it gets a bit longer, you'll probably want your groomer (or you, if you're brave) to try scissoring the ends so everything grows in more even/nicely.

One of the toughest parts is growing out the face because hairs will probably be poking him in the eye for a while, so it's a battle to keep them down and away from the eyes. You'll want to get some little baby clips to keep the tiny hairs up. Some people use gel to keep the other hairs down on the muzzle until they grow long enough to stay down by themselves. Unfortunately, during that time, the hair in the eyes can promote tearing (and sometimes staining), so you have to be as vigilant as possible about it.

Hope that helps a bit. Welcome and can't wait to see more pics of your Tobi and your Chi :)
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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