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Hi all. New here and 3 days with my new man!

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Just picked up our new member of the family, Jack Jack. He is 10 months old and the family I got him from couldnt keep him anymore because they have 2 year old twins who werent the nicest to this 4 pound dog. He has only been with us for 3 days and you would think he has been with us forever. He has settled right in, barks and growls as if to protect his territory. He is the cutest. He has tear stains, which I am using crystal eye trying to clear that up. He thinks he is a bad ass and he is so tiny. The cutest! My two teenaged boys ages 15 and 16, just adore him and my husband is in love with him. I am going to be here browsing the forums for awhile learning all I can about this breed.

Jack Jack's Momma
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Oh, I'm so glad he is working out so well. Maltese are the best!!!!
Welcome to SM!! I'm so glad you found us. There is a ton of great info here! Be sure to see the pinned threads at the top of each sub-forum.

:Welcome 4:
Welcome to SM! I love the name Jack. Now we need some pictures!
:Welcome 1: Congratulations on Jack Jack. I'm so glad he has a home where he'll feel safe and secure. There's a lot here to help you learn about owning a Maltese and taking care of one. There are some threads on tear staining that suggest things to keep the area clean that might help a lot. Also food is a factor, teething and even water. If you search here you'll find suggestions. Good luck and can't wait to see pictures.
Welcome this is a great place to find info on our pups.
:Welcome 3: Carlissa congratulations on Jack Jack. He looks
like a little cutie:wub:, you most post more pics of your boy.
Welcome to you and Jack Jack!!! You will love it here and get so much info and understanding here! It takes a while to get tear staining under control. I imagine at his young age, he is teething. Just keep it clean and dry with cornstarch until he gets over this part of his young life~~~:wub:
Congrats on your new baby and welcome to SM!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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