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Hi, all! (with doggie pics!)

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I just joined up a few days ago, and I'm sooo happy to be among like minded Maltie lovers! :wub: I have three pups, all "picked up" so to speak, at different times.

My oldest is Chipper, he was a puppy my parents bought for all us kids in 1997 - somehow, I ended up doing all the care for him, though. He's still alive and kickin' now at 13 (almost 14!) years of age.

(I think he's actually 11-12 in this pic, midsummer. Chubby little guy, but hey.) We usually keep him clipped short because his coat is cottony and tangles really, really badly and he hates brushing.

The second dog I ended up getting was actually one my sister found running around outside one rainy night. She was going to keep him, but eventually had to move somewhere she couldn't have a dog and I got him; she named him Buddy. I *think* he's actually a Havanese - he fits that breed standard closer than the Maltese one.

He's a total sweetie, and kind of an attention monger if you know what I mean. The kind of dog you'd take to the olde folk's home for therapy visits - calm as anything and goes right for your hand with lots of tail wiggling.

And last, but certainly not least, is Sheik. I found her running around in the street by my school, and took her home. No one ever claimed her, so I kept her (and I have to say I'm really glad no one ever showed up; I love her dearly).

I took this about 3 days after I found her. I'm working on growing out her coat, she's got a lovely soft texture and loves grooming (and all attention, really).

So that's my story! Hope to get to know everyone soon! <3
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oh what wonderful babies you have!!!

Welcome to SM!
thank you for giving all these babies a loving home and welcome
Awww, such lucky little pups to have found their way to you. Welcome!
WElcome to SM. You are a saint; you and your fluffs are doule blessed as you rescued all of your babies. Bless you and thankyou for sharing your pictures and their stories.Cant wait to learn more.
Welcome to Spoiled Maltese! Beautiful crew! Can't wait to hear more about them.
They're all such little loves,you're so blessed. Rescues are the best aren't they?
Welcome to Spoiled Maltese!
Lucky you, you are a "Maltese Magnet"! ;)
Or perhaps it was devine intervention...
Congrats on all your adorable Malts.
What beautiful babies!!! Welcome to SM.

Bob, Marsha and The Boyz
Hi! And Welcome!! :welcome1:
welcome to spoiled maltese , im a newbie as well n i coouldnt have found a place with more love for this breed , iapplaud u for taking all those fluffs in , they r all adorable. looking forward to seeing more pics.
Thanks for the very warm welcome everyone. :grouphug:

Rescues always seem to be such darlings, I can never understand why people let them go...

Haha, "Maltese Magnet!" That's so true - so many other dogs I've found, an owner always shows up pretty soon (and generally in a panic!) in response to a lost ad/humane society call, but not with these little guys.. must be fate.
Welcome to SM! Bless you for giving these fluffies a great home! Each of your babies is darling!
What a herd of little angels! So glad you joined & we look forward to seeing you here often. :D
:Welcome 4:

You have some beautiful babies!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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