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Hi All

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My website will be up on november 20th i am extremly excited most we are doing unique items Belts vintage custom made handbags, spiritual jewlery handmade shawls and gift items along with pet apparel
if anyone is interested in seeing the custom made winter coats and raincoats
let me know and i will email you pictures if you want to buy one you need to have your babies measurements these coats are custom made to fit
although we are launching on november 20th i can get them now for you
let me know
you can email me
wish me luck
Thank you
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Originally posted by Joe@Sep 27 2005, 08:01 AM
great to hear, cant wait to see it, good luck 

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Thank you joe
boy i now know what you go thruogh with the website it was alot of work getting all this to my web designer i thought i was short of a nervous breakdown

hopefully it will be worth the effort
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thanks I hope it all goes well
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